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Like You in the Rest / by Chase Boisjolie

Sitting with a nearly empty popcorn bag in one hand, Miguel gazed into a crowd of eager city pigeons. Their heads bobbed incessantly, mulling around in disparate circles. He tossed a handful of popcorn and watched as a flurry of grey-green feathers descended on the scattered kernels. He slapped the butter-grease on his fingers over …

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Lives of the Muses / by Amber Gallant

Downstairs, her sister Helen and brother-in-law Richard were talking about her again. “Serena said she could take Emilie out to the Marden exhibition today. The one I recommended to her, you remember? From the Reader. I have a couple of errands to run. You think Serena can manage that, right? Richard laughed. “Sure. They’re perfect …

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